homes for sale in soddy daisy

Soddy Daisy Real Estate

Just 15 minutes north of Chattanooga, Soddy Daisy is a peaceful place to get away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Many people choose to build cabins or lake homes in Soddy Daisy, but there are plenty of people who have bought real estate for their permanent homes in that area as well.

There are a few locations where you can get everyday items such as groceries.

The appeal of this area isn’t for its amenities or convenience, and it certainly isn’t for the trendy lifestyle.

No, Soddy Daisy is a place for people who want some peace and quiet, a place where they can get back to nature.

The mountains and hills surrounding the area are perfect for nature lovers. The lakes and inlets provide wonderful places for boats, docks, and waterside bon fires.

Should the mood strike you and beckon you back to the city, it’s only a short drive away.